Basketball Conditioning Drills For Fitness, Speed And Power

An Overview of Basketball Conditioning Drills

Any player that is serious about the game has to be fit. In fact, they have to be super fit. Using the right basketball conditioning workouts are essential for any player.

Fitness is critical for professional basketball players

It is not enough to be generally fit. Anyone who wants to play professionally needs to be able to pass the NBA’s rigorous fitness tests. The higher up the ladder you go the more rigorous the tests become.

The NBA’s pre draft test

Consider for a moment the pre-draft fitness tests and ask yourself could I sail through this? If you can’t read on to learn more about conditioning drills that could help you to do so in the future.

  • Strength – to test your strength the number of times you can bench press 185lbs is recorded.
  • Power – The vertical jump is how your power is measured. This skill is vital, but difficult to master without the right training. If you are struggling with this skill, take a look at our recommended course, which we tell you about at the end of this article.
  • Speed – How fast you sprint is measured by how long it takes you to cover three quarters of the court.
  • Agility – Agility is measured using the Lane Agility test.
  • Body Size – To make sure you are built to play professionally various body measurements are recorded and your body fat is recorded at the same time.

To pass these tests you have to use conditioning drills for basketball rather than drills that are designed for another sport. For example, baseball drills will not teach you enough about agility and will certainly not give you the power you need to pass the jump shot test.

The ideal basketball gym workout

The way you train in the gym is important. As we can see from the NBA’s test strength is a factor, but a basketball player needs to be as flexible and supple as possible.

Building up your chest or leg muscles too much or being too bulky can actually be a handicap for a basketball player. Therefore, you need to tailor your gym routine to the needs of your sport rather than trying to look good without your t-shirt on.

What is the ideal basketball conditioning workout?

So the big question is what is the right kind of basketball fitness program for you? Unfortunately, there is no single answer for that question.

This is because very player is different. They have different strengths and weaknesses. One player may need to focus on strength training for a few weeks, whilst another will need to work on cardio.

However, here is our list of the most important elements of basketball training. It is far from comprehensive list, but it does give you an idea of what you need to cover.

Naturally, if you have a coach follow his or her advice rather than ours. They know you and your strengths and weaknesses, and will have already trained others, so really know what works.

Basketball cardio workouts

For any athlete cardio strength and stamina is vital. The better your cardio health is the more efficiently your body works.

It is about more than just having enough breathe to last the game. You cannot put on muscle and grow your strength unless you send enough oxygen to your muscles.

If your cardio fitness is not good, this is where you should start. How you do it is not important, you can run, row or get on the elliptical trainer. Choose whichever medium works best for you.

Basketball core workout

To play well you need a strong core. There really is such a thing as basketball abs.

A strong core is essential for proper movement. You need the strength and stability to make your shots true. If you do not have a strong core, you are not going to be able to stay stable during follow through.

Muscle endurance workouts

Any basketball workout programhas to build muscle endurance. You cannot afford to get tired. Your body must be capable of playing at its full capacity for the entire game.

Interval training and good cardio routines are the best way to build muscle endurance.

High intensity workouts are essential

If you want to play at the elite level, you are going to need to keep up with an intense basketball workout routine.All workouts for basketball players involve several hours of intense drills. It is the only way to build strength and stamina.

Basketball is an intense and fast-paced game regardless of the level you play at. You need to be able to cope under pressure and make the right decisions. The only way to make yourself able to do this is to put yourself under pressure during your training programme.

What are the best workouts for basketball?

The best workouts for basketballcover all of the bases. They give you the strength, explosive power, stamina and flexibility to be able to compete successfully.

The best basketball training workoutsinclude plenty of basketball drills. There really is no substitute for training with the ball in your hands. Using dribbling drills to help you to build cardiovascular strength and stamina is a good way of gaining more than one skill at once.

Tailor your workout

Regardless of what level someone plays at, we recommend that they tailor your basketball workout programs to their specific needs. We recommend that where appropriate you buy and use a specific course to address any specific weakness you have.

For example, if you want to improve your jump shot the Vert Shock course is ideal. There are some great basketball training and workout resources out there and on this site we tell you about the best of them.