Get The Best Basketball Practice Drills: 5 Key Skills

Finding the Best Basketball Practice Drills for you

If you want to improve fast and get the most out of the great game of basketball, practice is essential. You need to reach the point where what you do on the court is second nature. To get there you need to find a set of basketball practice drills that work for you.

Tailor the drills you do to your ability

Some drills are essential and every player should use them. Others are designed to allow players to develop specialist skills or to correct behaviours that are getting in the way of the player achieving their full potential.

On this page, we are going to look at the different kinds of drills and tell you where you can find some great ones. For those who want a comprehensive course to take their jump shots to the next level we recommend Vert Shock. Click here to find out more about the ultimate jump shot course.

If you want to learn more about free basketball resources and other kinds of basketball drills, please read on. We take you through the different types of drills and explain how to find good resources and get the most out of your training.

Simple basketball drills

You have probably heard the phrase Keep It Stupid Simple (KISS) but you may be wondering why we mention it here. Well, in our experience, learning a sport is very much a journey. You have to do it step by step if you want to avoid being overwhelmed. This feeling can stall your progress or even send you backwards, so you need to, wherever possible, look for the simplest solution. It needs to be a solution that you can actually put into action.

Simple basketball drills are vital. They provide the building blocks for more complex moves and plays. If you start with simple drills confidence grows as well as skills. This is especially important if you are trying to teach youngsters how to play.

Once you have grasped basics you can move on to more complex drills and begin to learn competitive basketball drills.

The five basic basketball skills

If you want to be a rounded player, you need to learn the five basic skills. They are:

  • Dribbling – being able to move with the ball is vital for everyone on the team. Good basketball dribbling techniquestake a long time to learn, but it is essential unless you want to find yourself sitting on the sidelines.
  • Shooting – being able to shoot from anywhere and do so when under pressure is essential and a skill all players need to learn even defensive players.
  • Running – to keep pace with the game you need good running skills. All players have to build their stamina and learn how to read the game while on the move and change direction as fast as possible.
  • Passing – basketball is a fast game, so you need to be able to pass quickly and send the ball to the right player at the right stage of the play.
  • Jumping – if you want to make every shot count being able to jump and still make the shot is essential.

If you are looking for somewhere to learn different techniques and get ideas, we highly recommend YouTube basketball drills.However, because anyone can post a YouTube video, you do need to approach with caution.

The last thing you want to do is to learn the wrong technique. However, you can find some excellent free videos on this site. For advanced basketball drills,you really need to join a club with a good coach or buy a course put together by a professional coach or player.

As well as learning the five basic skills, you also need good footwork, speed and defence skills. To be a truly rounded out player you need to put yourself through the entire range of full court basketball drills.

Basketball footwork drills

Footwork drills are an interesting part of training. There are two kinds of footwork drills. They are on court and off court drills. The off court drills mimic the footwork you actually use whilst playing.

Speed drills for basketball

Basketball speed drills are a skill set many players neglect, but they are important. Going through the basic moves at speed is a great way of ensuring that they become second nature.

You have to build up gradually, but speed training is a great way to take your game to the next level. Pushing yourself in this way improves your ability to perform under pressure.

Speed drills that improve stamina and help you to move fast on the court are vital. The faster you are the more difficult you will be to catch and stop.

Basketball defence drills

Another neglected area is defence skills. Learning how to defend helps you to stop the opposition. It also helps you to read the game better and to anticipate what the opposition is going to do to stop you. It is a vital aspect of game strategy.

How to improve your jumping ability

If you want to learn how to improve your jumping,we have found a brilliant resource. Being able to harness the power of your body to jump high and dunk the ball when you need to is a big plus. It allows you to make the shots you have seen your heroes achieve.

The course is called Vert Shock. It is not a general basketball drill course. This course focuses solely on how to improve your jumping skills. People have achieved amazing results, putting inches onto their jump and done so in just a few weeks.

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