Better Exercises To Jump Higher: Best Training Tips And Workouts!

Exercises to help you jump higher

For any basketball player a powerful and accurate jump shot is essential. As a result, most serious players do a series of exercises to  jump higher.

If you want to add inches to your jump shot, you are in the right place. On this page, we going to give you a breakdown of the factors that allow you to jump well and tell you about some simple exercises to make you jump higher.

How do I jump higher?

For those who want to know how to train to jump higher the information on this page will be helpful. However, if you are serious about your game and want fast results we recommend the Vert Shock program. This course is the most comprehensive of all of the ones we have looked at. Anyone who wants to play professionally needs to consider investing in this course or one like it. It covers all of the exercises that make you jump higher and helps you to understand the importance of the right mindset.

However, if you are just getting started and only want a few exercises to get you started please read on.

Improve your muscle strength

Improving your muscle strength is very important if you want to move faster and jump higher. For basketball, it is not just your legs that need strengthening.

A strong core is essential. Without a strong core, it is impossible to get the technique right. Getting basketball abs will allow you to make shots you could not otherwise attempt.

Here are some exercises you should consider incorporating into your basketball muscle strength exercises:

  •  Jump squats


  • Power clean


  • Straight Squat


  • Deadlifts

For most jump higher exercises, short sets of reps are best. Taking this approach improves technique because you do not reach the point where you are too tired to do the exercise properly.

If you run faster, you jump higher so sprint starts are a good exercise. This kind of exercise helps you to be faster on the court and teaches your body to release explosive force when it needs to.

When you do an exercise for jumping higher,you are likely to be improving the strength of your legs and core at the same time. This in itself is important and will help you with your general fitness as well as improve your jump technique.

Learn how to store and release your force

You will see a lot written about using and harnessing the force to help you to jump higher. Now, at this point, we have to quickly dispel the myth that Jedi trained basketball players jump higher. Unfortunately, being a Star Wars fan is not enough to help you to harness the force within your muscles to propel you higher.

When we talk about force, we mean learning how to use harness your strength and knowing how to release it in an explosive high vertical jump. To reach this stage practice is what is essential.

You need to train your nerve fibres and muscular system to perform what is, for most people, a movement that they rarely use in everyday life. You need to build your jump reflex. This means practicing vertical jumps.

Do as many jumps as you can in quick succession. Only stop when your jumps begin to get lower. Once you reach this point, you have exhausted your bodies reserves. Move onto another exercise and only resume jumps once you have recovered sufficiently.

Get the technique right

Technique is vital. You need to understand all elements of the jump. For example, understanding the role your arms play in propelling you through the air provides motivation to learn how to use them properly. If you do not see the need to do so, you will not pay the attention you need to incorporating the right arm movements into your vertical jumps.

It sounds boring learning the physics of jumping, but the more you know the better you will do.

Understanding the science behind why certain things make you jump higher and other movements scupper your efforts, is vital. It will help you to recognise where you may be going wrong and successfully address the issue.

Correcting your technique just a little can provide remarkable results. If you do not understand every element of the jump, your progress will be slow.

Practice, practice, practice

You need to reach the point where your jump and dunk or snatch is second nature. The only way to reach this point is practice. You have to practice on the court in front of the hoop as well as make the vertical jump part of your weekly gym or exercise routines.

Measure your progress

It is important to measure your progress. Doing so is the only way to ensure that you have not plateaued and are still making progress.

You have to continue to push yourself. Taking this approach will ensure that you always play at the top of your game.

Even if you are not planning to play professionally you should still train to improve your jump. You will enjoy playing much more and spend less time on the sidelines.

Stepping up your basketball jump

Any amateur player will see at least some improvement by doing these exercises. However, once you reach the point where progress slows we strongly recommend that you also invest in the Vert Shock package.

Doing so will really take your game to the next level. Using this package will not only help you to make more shots it will help you to take the ball from your opponent mid-shot. The power you get from the recommended exercises will give you confidence as well as strength, which will give you a big psychological edge over your competitors.