How To Dunk A Basketball – Effortless Skill And Accuracy

How to Dunk a Basketball

If you want to know how to dunk a basketball, the right way, this page is a great resource. We are going to take you through a few simple ways to increase your vertical dunk, as well as some great exercises for dunking and tell you all about a fantastic dunk training program.

How to jump higher in basketball to dunk

Key to improving your dunk is increasing your vertical jump. Once you can jump high, and do so effortlessly, you will find hitting the target consistently almost effortless.

The higher you go the more difficult it will be for your opponents to interfere with your aim. If you improve your control while jumping, you also get an edge. Being able to travel through the air, as you want means you are less likely to miss the basket.

How to increase your vertical jump to dunk

Increasing your vertical jump takes time and requires a multi-disciplined approach. You need to do the following, each of these factors is important, so do not skip anything –

  • Strengthen your body
  •  Work on your technique
  • Condition your mind
  • Practice jumping

Getting into the air is only part of the equation. To make sure you can actually score once in the air you also need to do the following:

  • Improve your aim
  • Improve your court awareness
  • Jump higher

What exercises make you jump higher?

There are a lot of exercises that can help you to jump higher. Here are just a few of them:

  •  Jumping jacks
  • Trampoline based jump exercises
  • Box squats
  • Band exercises
  • Flexor stretches
  • Squats
  • Snatch grip deadlifts
  • Pogo jumps

A strong core

To be able to jump higher you absolutely must have a strong core. A stable core offers you much more control over your shot. Therefore, you also need to incorporate core strength and stability exercises into your training routine.

Don’t forget the warm up

Before you begin any kind of exercise, you should always warm up. However, when you switch to jump practice or exercises we recommend that you do an additional set of warm up. You need to do exercises that are designed specifically to prepare you for your jump workout.

It is important to stretch the main muscles you will be using to prepare your body for this kind of movement. That means stretching out your hamstrings, calves and other leg muscles. Doing this really will put more of a spring into your legs and you will get more out of your jump exercise routine.

Workouts to help you dunk

There are plenty of jumping exercises to help you dunk.However, exercise alone is not enough you need to focus on improving your vertical jump during your workouts. The aim has to be to condition your body, so that you have the right combination of strength and suppleness to be able to harness the power of your body to jump high.

Learn the right technique

Understanding how to jump higher is essential. We recommend that you read up about the physics of the vertical jump. Understanding the effect body position and co-ordination has on how high you jump is important. This depth of knowledge will equip you to understand what you can change to increase how high you can jump.

The right mindset

If you don’t believe you can jump higher and match the heights that the stars of the game achieve you are setting yourself up to fail. You need to get yourself in the right mental condition. The first step to jumping higher is believing in yourself.

It is really worth learning and using visualisation techniques. Using grounding and breathing techniques can also help you to focus and achieve a high jump in practice.

Once you have successfully jumped higher you will gain confidence and it will begin to become second nature. You cannot use grounding and breathing while playing, but the techniques can get you over the hump and let you take your jumping to the next level, so they are worth learning.

Don’t forget target practice

Exercises to make you jump higher are never going to be enough. No matter how strong and flexible you are, if your aim is not good you will never score. Therefore, you need to put in plenty of target practice.

Once you have reached the point where you can jump high enough to dunk it is time to practice. This is the only way you can learn to dunk and do so accurately. You need to practice your targeting. The idea is to get to the point where you can literally dunk the basketball with your eyes closed.

Our ultimate recommendation

If you want a course that combines everything into one package, we recommend Vert Shock. The course is designed to be followed over an eight week period and to add between nine and fifteen inches to your vertical jump.

This course is written by a professional basketball player and has been used by players at all levels of the game.