How To Jump Higher In Volleyball – 5 Key Steps

The Vertical Jump and Volleyball

As you know most of this site is focused on helping basketball players to learn how to increase their jump height. However, our inbox shows that players from other sports are also looking for help with improving their jump technique.

As a result, we are busy putting together posts to help those athletes. This page is all about how to jump higher for volleyball. If this post proves popular, we will write others for a wider array of sports.

For volleyball players a better jump technique can make a vast difference to their game play. It can improve their hitting, defending and scoring ability.

How to increase your vertical for volleyball

To increase your vertical jump in volleyball you have to take an organised and targeted approach, just as you would for basketball. You need to plan your approach and monitor your progress.

There are five main steps –

  • Measure your current jump ability
  • Learn the right technique
  • Put together a targeted workout to strengthen the right muscle groups
  • Practice what you learn
  • Track your progress

These are more or less the same steps you need to take as a basketball player. However, as you would expect there are some differences.

The differences between basketball and volleyball jumping

The main differences come from the fact that the two sports are played on different surfaces and that the scoring method is different. This does not sound like much, but the differences are, in fact, significant enough to have an impact on how you train to jump higher.

These differences mean that a training regime that is to designed to help you to jump higher in basketballis not going to be 100% right for volleyball players. However, this does not mean that volleyball players cannot benefit from a basketball course. They simply have to adapt the techniques a little.

Here is the approach we recommend for volleyball players.

How to measure your existing jump height

First, set the baseline and measure your existing jump ability and height. Doing this is simple.

Find a high wall or a pole. Stand with your back to it and reach as high as you can without standing on tiptoes and reach up. Get a friend or another partner to measure the point you touch.

Next, jump as high as you can and mark the point you reach. It is easier to do this if you use a wall or pole that is marked at intervals or by dipping your hand in chalk powder so you leave a mark. If you do this, we suggest you wear glasses to make sure you do not get dust in your eyes.

The difference between the two marks is your current jump height.

Check your jump height once a week. Doing so will make sure that the exercise regime you are following is effective.

Learn the best volleyball jumping technique

Because you are playing on a softer surface without much spring, you need to crouch down slightly lower to execute the jump than you would if you were jumping in basketball. The best position is to keep your knees in line with your ankles, which allows you to get down low enough.

At first, this feels very unnatural and balance in this position is deceptively difficult. To achieve this kind of positioning without increasing your risk of injury is only possible if you do the right kind of exercises.

The landing is also different. You need to land on your toes to protect your knees and improve your stability on sand.

Exercises to help you to jump higher in volleyball

Any kind of jump exercise is going to be helpful. Incorporating some of the [exercise listed on this page] into your training regime is a good idea.

Deep squats are an important exercise to help you to be able to dip lower and achieve the right kind of volleyball jump. Adding in weights is a good way of quickly building the necessary muscles.

Because volleyball players do not wear footwear, they need to focus on strengthening their ankles more than basketball players. Incorporating mountain climbers into your exercise regime will help to make sure that you flex your ankles fully. Standing up on tip toes and coming back down gradually is a good way to improve ankle strength and stability.


The most important step is to practice what you have learnt. Work with someone else in your team to practice your jump.

If this is not possible, just get a friend to lob you volleyballs over the net. It does not matter how the ball is delivered it just has to be high enough for you to have to jump and practice your defence moves. The ball gives you a point to aim for and helps you to determine the accuracy of your jump.

The best way to learn how to make your jump higher

By far the best way to improve your jump height and do so quickly is to follow a targeted course. We recommend Vert Shock. It is primarily a basketball course, but other athletes can definitely use it to improve their jump height.