Jump Manual Results and Reviews – Does This Program Work?

Jump Manual Results and Reviews

If you are interested in Jump Manual results and want to learn more about the product this page is going to prove useful. While researching this site we have investigated several products and courses that are designed to help you to improve your basketball vertical jump. Some may be better than The Jump Manual

We have looked at the Jump Manual, Vertical Explosion Training Program, Vertical Jump Cure , The Vertical Jump Development Bible and several other training resources. Our conclusion is that all of the courses have their merits. Each course has its plus points as well as some weaknesses. Our team has a favourite in Vert Shock and at the end of this page, we explain why. However, we were also very impressed by The Jump Manual, so we thought it would be helpful to our readers to tell you a bit more about that course.

Does The Jump Manual work?

Jacob Hiller, a basketball coach, wrote The Jump Manual. He is an athletic performance coach and author who has worked with NBA and Olympic players. He also teaches athletes from other sporting disciplines, but specialises in the vertical jump. The author’s professional coaching background is one of the reasons we think his course is a good option for some players. However, Jacob Hiller has never played basketball professionally, so this course is very much written from the point of view of a coach. Not everyone gets on with the presentation style.

Jump manual reviews

That said most of the reviews we read for The Jump manual were positive. It takes a slightly different approach to that taken in the Vert Shock course, but a lot of the reviews we read were impressed with the course content.

What you get with Jump Start

The Jump Start course is comprehensive and you get the following –

  • A PDF guide – this is a nice touch. Some people find the written word helps to reinforce what they learn and provides additional clarification. These days, you rarely see course providers bothering to include a PDF, so we applaud Jacob Hiller for doing so.
  • Training videos – the training videos are comprehensive
  • A nutrition plan – the nutrition plan is handy for amateur athletes, but professional athletes may find it excess to requirement.
  • Workout videos – the workout videos are good. If you do not have access to a gym, do not worry because alternatives are included in the videos. This is great for people who are not professional athletes.
  • Access to a forum – the forum is well established, but can be quiet at times.
  • Email support – being able to ask questions via email is handy.
  • A one on one Skype call with Jacob Hiller – this is a brilliant option, especially for professional athletes who have plateaued.

You also get the following bonuses –

  • An interview with Dave Hopla
  •  An interview with Dr Patrick Cohn who is a Peak Performance Psychologist

The jump manual workouts are great. However, some of the video clips are a bit short.

What you get with Vert Shock

Vert Shock is also a very comprehensive course. This course is written by a professional player, so it has a reputation for being extremely easy to follow and for being modern, polished and up to date. folker suit Here is what you get with this course –

  • Training videos – these are staged. This is a big plus because it allows you to assess your current vertical jump ability and follow the relevant part of the course.
  • A quick start guide – this is handy because athletes are always tight on time, so a quick overview is invaluable.
  • Three part workout plan – the workout plan, like the training videos, are broken down into three parts. This allows users to tailor the training to their own ability and process.
  • Step by step exercise videos – these films are frame by frame, a huge advantage because technique is crucial to success especially when it comes to fast twitch muscle exercise.
  • The Vert tracker – key to success is measuring progress, which is why this course includes a tracker.
  • Access to the Vert forum – the Vert forum is great. It is very active and we have picked up a lot of additional tips on the forum.

Like the other course, you also get a set of bonuses. Here is the list –

  • Vertical jump killers – this bonus is great because it highlights the four main mistakes athletes make when jumping. This information provides a quick fix and is a great asset.
  • 5 dirty secrets to jumping higher – this bonus contains another five little known techniques to help you to jump high.
  • Weekly check-ins – the Vert Shock team contacts every course taker every week. via email. This allows them to check up on progress and helps the athletes taking the course to stick to it and make progress.
  • The jumper’s diet checklist – diet is very important for any athletes, so most watch their diets carefully. However, few basketball players are aware that some foods have a negative effect on how high they can jump, whilst others specifically boost the body’s ability to jump. This little known information is covered in the unique diet checklist.

The thing we like most about this course is the fact that there is no fluff. This course gets right to the point, which is important for athletes who already have tight training schedules.

In Conclusion

The simple answer to the question does Jump Manual work? Is definitely yes. For some people it is a good course. However, we still feel that Vert Shock has the edge. It is written by a player rather than a coach, the frame-by-frame videos and unique nutrition and exercise tips gave it the edge for us which is why we recommend it above all of the others. For someone who wants to step up into the professional game a strong vertical jump is essential, and we believe Vert Shock can help players to reach the next level.