Workouts To Jump Higher For Basketball- 6 Key Tips!

If you are specifically looking for workouts to jump higher this page and the following posts (here) are for you. For any player the vertical jump is key. It is far from the only element of the game, but it is this skill that most players fixate on and the one that many struggle to master, which is why we deliberately set out to find ways to help basketball players to jump higher.

Improving your vertical jump requires a lot of work and practice is key. Which exercises you do depends to some extent on what stage you are at in terms of fitness, age, experience and the level at which you play.

Therefore, on this page, we have broken things down by experience. We hope it helps you to find a jump higher workout that will really work for you.

The perfect workout to jump higher for beginners

If you are just getting started in the sport, you need to concentrate primarily on fitness and building up your body. Doing so will equip you to be able to put into action what you learn and get your technique right. A weak body simply is not capable of moving properly and will not be stable enough for you to get the most out of your vertical jump.

We recommend the following:


  • Cardio training – to be able to progress in any sport you need strong cardio. Learning to breathe properly during exercise and increasing your lung capacity ensures that you to take in the oxygen your muscles need to grow and will give you the stamina you need to train harder and play for longer.


  • Strength training – building a strong frame is essential. Strong muscles support your skeleton and help you to stay in the right position during moves like the vertical jump, which is really important for shot accuracy. If you have a coach take their advice about which exercises to do. We recommend those who do not have a coach start with the strength-training regime at this link.

bulls jump

  • Jump training – jump training should take many forms. As well as practicing your jump shot we recommend skipping and trampoline work. One leg jumping on a trampoline can really improve stability and stimulate the right muscle groups.


The Best workout to jump higher for intermediate players

For intermediate players workouts to make you jump higher have to be more tightly focused. At this stage, you need to be working specifically on technique. Naturally, you need to continue to improve your strength and cardio, but at this stage, you will not make much progress in terms of inches unless you take a more detailed approach.

For this reason, we strongly recommend using a course like Vert Shock to take you to the next level. You need a course that breaks down the jump into its individual components and helps you to analyse your performance in each area.

Working out where your weaknesses are and exactly how to improve your jumping is important at the intermediate level. Without doing this you will never reach the next level and be able to play professionally.

Training to jump higher is time consuming, so the last thing you need is to waste hours on a workouts for jumping higher that end up not working. This is why we recommend that you look for a course that has a proven track record.

Jump higher workouts for professional players

Professional players have to rely on their coaches for guidance. No matter how hard you train at beginner and intermediate level you can always improve. As a professional player, you are going to have access to good physio, which will really help you to improve. With this kind of specialist support, you will be able to get far more out of your body.

Training staff will use all of the technology at their disposal to analysis your jump technique. Video analysis will help them to identify any weaknesses you may have. Many players end up adding even more height to their jump once they turn professional.

Other ways to learn how to improve your jumps

As well as physical workouts, we suggest you investigate other ways to improve your jump technique. Part of learning how to improve your jumping ability is conditioning your mind and your instincts.

Here are some other suggestions –

  • Up your confidence levels – Confidence plays a role in everything you do. Believing you can do something is key to success. If you doubt your ability, you will only hold yourself back.


  • Learn visualisation techniques – Being able to visualise yourself putting into practice what you have learnt and performing the perfect jump will make all of the difference. You will learn from your visualisation and find that vertical jumping to become second nature. Most professional athletes use visualisation and you should too.


  • Learn air control – A key part of jumping is being able to move as you need to whilst in the air. The more time you spend in the air the more confident you will become. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you consider incorporating trampoline training into your jump workouts.


Trampoline training not only improves your air awareness. If done with the help of a partner it can also improve stability.

Our final recommendation

If you are looking for great how to jump higher workouts, we highly recommend Vert Shock. This detailed course will greatly benefit players who want to play professionally.

Some of the course may be a bit advanced for beginners, but it they should still consider buying it .They can use the first two weeks of training to improve their jump and do so quickly. After they have gained more experience and their fitness levels have improved, they can revisit the course and complete the more advanced training.